Bedtime Story Morning in Rowan Class

This morning, we all came to school dressed in our pyjamas, slippers and blankets. Some of us even brought our favourite teddy’s and pillows with us. We heard stories read by lots of different adults all around the school and had lots of fun immersing ourselves in the magical worlds created by authors. The photos below show us doing wake up shake up in our PJs and Mrs Stokes reading our new class book; The Grunts in Trouble.

Shared reading

This afternoon, our year 2s in Holly Class and year 3s in Roman Class came together for some shared reading. We shared and talked about different stories as well as non- fiction texts.


This term, Rowan class have started learning some basic phrases in French. Our whole class can now say hello, how are you, what is your name and goodbye as well as respond to those questions. We sang a song in French to help us to practice. You can see some of us practising our conversational skills in the videos below.

Leicester Tigers Healthy Schools Programme

This morning, Ash from Leicester Tigers came into Roman class to teach us about healthy lifestyles. We were already experts due to our learning in science and PSHE last half term so we got a chance to revise our learning! We spent an hour learning about healthy diets before spending an hour outside playing team games. Have a look at the photos below to see how much fun we had!

“I know that we need to eat lots of different food groups to keep myself healthy.”

“Not all fats are bad fats. Some of them are good for you like the ones in fish and avocados. You can’t just eat fish and avocados though. That would be silly!”

Stone Age Cave Art

This afternoon, we learnt about cave art and how it was created. Back in the Stone Age times, you couldn’t just pop to the shop to buy some paint…you had to make it! Scientists and historians think that original cave art was created with paint made from natural materials such as plant sap and bone marrow but we didn’t have any of that! We created our own paint using flour, water and natural colours like tea, saffron, mint and onion skins. They didn’t have paint brushes either so neither did we. We used sticks, leaves and branches to apply our paint and we replicated some original cave art. It was very messy but lots of fun!

Rocks and soils

In science this term we are learning all about rocks and soils. Today we thought about what we already know about them and what else we would like to know.

What we think we know

“Rocks never break.”

“Rocks are very hard.”

“There are different types of rocks.”

“Soil is home to many creatures.”

“Soilo comes from the ground.”

Rowan Class October 2019

What we want to find out

“Does soil grow?”

“Do rocks get hot or cold?”

“Where do rocks and soil come from?”

“Why are rocks different sizes?”

“Is soil a type of plant?”

Our knowledge organiser shows what we will be learning between now and December and some diagrams which will help us.


This week we have been learning how to predict what might happen next in a text using the clues and details given by the author. Today however, Miss Tierney gave us a challenge. We didn’t have a text to look at, we had a video! We watched the first 1 minute and 15 seconds of the film before summarising what we knew about it including the location, what had happened and why they were there. We asked questions such as…

“What fruit is that?”

“Which country are they in?”

“Why do they keep looking around?”

“Are there any predators nearby?”

Then we had a go at predicting what might happen next in the story. See some of our ideas below!

  • The meerkats might start fighting over the pomegranate
  • A predator might some and steel the pomegranate
  • The pomegranate might get squashed and the meerkats would be upset
  • They might go on a journey and find some other pomegranate trees

Problem Solving

In maths, we are learning how to compare three digit numbers. Our problem solving challenge today was a mystery number problem using lots of different skills. Before tackling the problem, we read it through carefully and discussed which of our skills might come in useful. We then worked systematically to find three digits which added up to 14 and fit the rest of the clues. After solving our problem, we decided that the most difficult part of the problem was deciding which clue to begin with.


We are so lucky at Asfordby Hill to have such a talented and generous community. Mr Davidson offered to come into school to teach us taekwondo and we loved it! We practised hitting the pads and moving using different stretches and walks. Thank you MR Davidson, we can’t wait for next week!

Exploring our local area.

Today, Rowan class had the chance to visit a park in our local village. We walked into Asfordby and visited the park at the Parish Hall. Whilst we were there, we got to investigate the different wildlife and habitats present, practise our navigation skills, sketch the landscape, collect natural artefacts to inspire our artwork and writing and describe the park using fantastic vocabulary. What a busy day! Luckily the rain stayed away so we got to stay all day and have a picnic as well. Have a look at our photos and video to see how much fun we had learning outdoors.