This week we have been learning how to predict what might happen next in a text using the clues and details given by the author. Today however, Miss Tierney gave us a challenge. We didn’t have a text to look at, we had a video! We watched the first 1 minute and 15 seconds of the film before summarising what we knew about it including the location, what had happened and why they were there. We asked questions such as…

“What fruit is that?”

“Which country are they in?”

“Why do they keep looking around?”

“Are there any predators nearby?”

Then we had a go at predicting what might happen next in the story. See some of our ideas below!

  • The meerkats might start fighting over the pomegranate
  • A predator might some and steel the pomegranate
  • The pomegranate might get squashed and the meerkats would be upset
  • They might go on a journey and find some other pomegranate trees

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